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Abdel Rahman el-Abnoudi

Thursday، 21 April 2016 - 12:32 PM


(1938 – 21 April 2015)
Abdel Rahman el-Abnoudi was born in Abnoud village, Qena governorate. He was a popular Egyptian poet. El-Abnudi was one of a generation of poets who wrote their work in the Egyptian dialect rather than in Classical Arabic, the standard literary language.
Bachelor of Arts, Arabic Language Department/Cairo University.
Earth and the children
Charged with forest cat
Me and people
After greetings
Faces on the coast
The silence of the bell
The allowed and prohibited
Ebb and tide
The Helali autobiography
Death on the asphalt
The Arab colonialism
The selections
The end of the night
Ordinary sorrows
In addition to 700 songs and various articles published in newspapers.
State Award of Appreciation for Literature given by the Supreme Council of Culture.


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