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El Kharga...Beaulac and Nasser wells

Tuesday، 29 March 2016 - 12:36 PM
El Kharga...Beaulac and Nasser wells

Kharga Oasis is located 232 km south of Assiut. It is southwest of Egypt, and about 263 km from the city of Assiut towards the Western Desert. It forms a depression measuring 160 km in length and 80 km in width.

Bulaq wells:

It is about 28 kilometers away from Kharga city to the south. It is a deep, self-flowing well that originates at a depth of 1,000 meters. Its temperature is 28 degrees Celsius, and it is surrounded by areas of greenery.

Laboratory analysis has proven that its water contains several mineral elements with therapeutic benefits, and soft sand dunes are spread nearby that can be used for treatment by burying in the sand (burial therapy) in joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and pain resulting from atrophy of the cartilage of the dorsal, lumbar, and sacral vertebrae.

A rest house has been established to serve the visitors of the area, and a tourist resort is currently being built near it. Boulaq Wells is not far from the public road that connects Kharga to the village of Paris, which leads to Luxor and the South Valley area, and it is also close to tourist and archaeological attractions.

Nasser Wells Group:

It is located 18 kilometers south of Kharga. It consists of three wells of different depths, the water of which is collected in a swimming pool whose water temperature reaches 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

This pool is used to treat rheumatic diseases, chronic pain, skin diseases, kidney stones accompanied by renal colic, and digestive system disorders.

This group of wells is surrounded by a patch of green land with beautiful gardens surrounded by bright dunes with pure, soft sand.

A camp was set up there, including accommodation and a cafeteria to serve visitors to the area

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