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Aswan...the flower of the south

Tuesday، 29 March 2016 - 12:49 PM
Aswan...the flower of the south

It is called as the flower of south Egypt, and known to be a resort especially in the winter season and include many sites of medical tourism


Elephantine Island:

It is a resort burial baths using sand for therapeutic purposes from March to October yearly where the sun is greatest.

A physiotherapy center was established at Oberoi Hotel there, staffed by experts in sports and physical therapy, as center has saunas and Turkish steam baths with availability of trainers responsible for preparation of program of Swedish exercises on scientific bases.



Isis Island Resort:

Medical observation in this region over several years approved high improvement that occurs on patients with rheumatoid arthritis among after their stay a couple of weeks on the island of Aswan.

Based on this observation, the Egyptian National Center for Research has held many studies which approved this phenomenon that resolved all doubts.

The center has organized a medical program for environmental treatment from rheumatoid arthritis in Isis island resort, combining treatment landfill in the black sand baths and exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays for three consecutive weeks.

And so medical coordination on organized basis was held to set the appropriate periods of exposure to ultraviolet light until the patient receive the greatest benefit. And this has led to a statistical improvement of great value in relieving symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and improving laboratory indicators of the immune system's efficiency, and improving blood deposition velocity and activity indicators of the disease.

Doctors Attribute this overwhelming success of the environmental treatment of the rheumatoid disease to the intensity of ultraviolet radiation reflected from the surrounding mountains on the island of Isis, and to the radioactive brown sand during body burial, In addition to the purity of Aswan atmosphere and dryness of the climate all over the year.

The area is characterized by high amount of UV radiation in the atmosphere and low humidity, making it an ideal place for the treatment of rheumatic diseases and respiratory diseases such as asthma etc.


Aswan Hospitalization:

Regarding Aswan atmosphere, it's considered one of the greatest resorts all over the world, which is suited to their particular patients of rheumatoid, kidney and respiratory tracts diseases.

There are two centers for treatment with sand and water where rheumatoid is treated by body burial in hot sands.

The importance of Aswan as a medical resort has been taken in consideration by many medical institutions all over the world which realized the uniqueness of the Aswan's high ultraviolet rays from the skies in addition to the extremely low humidity and dry climate which all serve the medical tourism.

Still Nubian people believe in herbal medicine, which is focused by the recent studies and proven its effectiveness in many diseases and is still a lot of these medicinal plants which have been mentioned in Arabic references of ancient reminder  'David Antioch' and medical supplies of Ahmad Ibn Rashid and Law in Medicine of Ibn Sina

This herbal medicine has proved great success in treatment of many diseases.

 Herbal therapy:

-Helf Albar: A plant used in the treatment of colds and renal colic after boiling and drink like tea.

- Damcish: Also used successfully in kidney disease.

-Pomegranate peel: Used in treatment of intestinal dysentery after being roasted, crushed then prepared by boiling then drinking like tea.

Alhargel: Used in treatment of constipation and indigestion.



Nubian environmental treatment:

Nubians use a treatment method of body burial in the hot sand during the brightness of the sun for relieving arthritis and stimulating blood circulation, this method is supervised by elders specialized in this kind of therapy.

The treatment takes joyous celebration look, as relatives of the patients and the people of the region gather and sing folk Nubian songs allocated for the occasion so that they will not get bored and Raises the morale.


After finishing the time set for body burial in hot sand the patient is wrapped in heavy blankets to protect it from air currents, then quickly transferred to a closed place where offered by   Damcish or Hef Albar hot syrups.


Also these Nubians elders use spray of Nile silt (Aldmirah) for the treatment of migraine, dental pain and muscle rupture.



Scientific interpretation of environmental treatment in Nuba:

The high improvement in cases of rheumatoid diseases is referred to the hot sand which affects the sensory nerve endings of pain and body circulation.

This method of natural treatment is called Biotherapy, which relies on the use of hot mud or sand-rich in metal elements such as iodine and radioactive carbonates in the allowable limits, which is absorbed through the skin.

And Poultice Nile silt (Ldermirh) is the same User of' ' Pleoma Method' in global clinics that mixes clay with mineralized water for therapeutic purposes based on a property Humid Heat.


The results of the lab analysis  in the laboratories of the Egyptian Nuclear Energy Authority have shown that the  surface sand of the area of Abu Simbel contain several elements such as carbonate, as researches have shown that the radioactivity of this sand in the safe limits is of high  therapeutic value.



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