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Hurghada ... coral reefs mud medication

Tuesday، 29 March 2016 - 12:51 PM

Hurghada is the capital city of the Red Sea governorate, it is situated 295 kilometers to the south of Suez. It has a moderate climate in winter and summer. The sea water is clear, the coral reefs and its marine life make it a center of attraction to fans of diving and marine sport.

Hurghada combines between using the sea water and the mud extracted from the coral reefs treatment. The sun is always shinning and the sand is full of useful minerals besides the mud from the mines.

There is a variety of  hotels and tourist resorts

Aslan Holding International 

The Aslan youth and beauty center was established in 1949. Prof. Ana Aslan search for a treatment of rheumatism, she discovered H3 known as Procaine or Novocain. Dr. Ana Aslan is famous for her treatment of old age ailments. Shewas elected as the president of the National Institute for research of old age ailment in Romania. Dr. Ana Aslan developed the method of treatment, she got many national and international awards.

Treatment inside the center: Every patient must have a general check up before the beginning of the therapy.

Some diseases can be cured in the center such as: -

- The prevention of the organs deterioration due to old age.
- Depression.
- Menopause syndromes.
- Vascular deficiency.

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