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Academy of Arts

Monday، 20 July 2009 12:00 AM

The Ministry of Culture established the Academy of Arts in 1959. Academy of Arts is one of high education institutions specialized in teaching expressional arts aiming at raising the level of art, protecting the popular heritage and enhancing relations on both regional and international levels. The academy started with three institutes in fields of cinema, music and ballet, then developed and compromised seven art high institutes as follows:

1-Higher Institute for Folk Arts:
The Higher Institute for Folk Arts was established in 1981 to graduate artists as experts in the popular (folk) arts in order to protect and record the folk tradition.

2-Higher Institute for Ballets:
The Higher Institute for Ballets was established in 1959 aiming at graduating ballerinas able to raise the art of ballet and develop the Egyptian ballet on high artistic bases.

3-Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts:
The Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts was established in 1944 aiming at preparing professional actors, directors and artists of theatrical decoration and criticism. The institute compromises six specialized branches as follows:

a- Acting
b- Dramatic Arts
c- Décor
d- Criticism
e- Make-up
f- Integrated Artist

4-Higher Institute for Arab Music:
The Higher Institute for Arab Music was established in 1929 to graduate the highly qualified musicians. There are tow troupes in the institute as follows:
- Um Kalthoum Band for Arab Music.
- Religious Recitation Band.

5-Higher Cinema Institute:
The Higher Cinema Institute was established in 1959 aiming at graduating highly cinematic cultured actors to participate in raising the industry of cinema.

6-Higher Conservatory Institute:
The Higher Conservatory Institute was established in 1959 aiming at graduating musicians. Students of the institute who represent the orchestra and coral of the conservatory participate in many festivals and celebrations.

7-Higher Institute for Criticism:
The Higher Institute for Criticism graduates artistic critics who usually criticize artistic festivals. The academy grants the scientific degrees including (bachelor, master degree and P.H. degree). It also pays due attention for talents who cand conduct free studies in ballet, music and theatrical arts.

The Academy of Arts contributes considerably to the cultivation of public ethos and tastes through the artistic troupes which participate in local and international competitions and festival. Said troupes are:
- Academic Troupes for Folk Music
- Academy of Arts Symphonic Orchestra
- Children & Youth Coral
- Academic Troupe for Ballet
- Academic Troupe for Theatre

Many Arab students joined the academy during the recent years.

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