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Political Relation

Monday، 23 October 2017 12:00 AM

Egypt and Italy have long, strong relations, since the Ptolemaic State and the Romanian State.  In the modern era, the exchange of ambassadors between the two countries began in 1914. These relations ceased in between 1940 and 1945, almost all the period of World War II.  Then relations turned to be good, and Egypt and Italy have become members of the Union for the Mediterranean.

After June 30, there were major developments in the Egyptian-Italian relationships. This   has been witnessed in their Political relations; official visits and the Italian government support to the Egyptian road map on 30 June. The Italian government supports Egypt in its war against terrorism that has been spread in many neighboring countries especially Libya.  The two countries are affected by what is happening in Libya and are working to support the efforts of building the Libyan State and preventing its fall into the hands of the terrorists.

Italy has returned back its ambassador to Egypt after evidences proved Egypt’s good standing. Finally, in view of the deep relations between the two countries, especially on the economic level, it was normal for Rome to return its ambassador to Cairo.

Furthermore, Ambassador Hisham Badr presented his credentials to Italian President Sergio Matrella to take up his post as Egypt’s ambassador to Rome, almost a week after the return of Italian Ambassador Giampaolo  Cantini.

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