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cultural and educational relation

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Historical, geographic proximity and the presence of the two countries on opposite shores of the Mediterranean have had a significant impact on strengthening cultural ties between them.

 One of the first educational missions that Egypt sent to Europe under Mohamed Ali was headed to Italy to learn the art of printing.

 Mohamed Ali also engaged a number of Italian experts to assist in the various tasks of building the modern state: in the exploration of antiquities; the exploration of minerals; in the conquest of Sudan; in designing the city of Khartoum and drawing the first survey map of the Nile Delta.

 In 1901, an Italian construction company, Garozo Zavarani, built the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

 The Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome has contributed to strengthen the cultural ties between the two countries by introducing the Egyptian arts and culture in Italy, and mixing Egyptian creativity with Italian art on a continuous basis through cultural and artistic activity.

 The Egyptian Cultural Center in Rome sponsors the Egyptian envoys studying in Italy; supervises the examinations of our children abroad; provides them with the necessary educational services and contributes to the dissemination of Arabic culture and language in Italian society.

 Cooperation between the two countries in higher education field is well seen. As, in 2013, the Italian government provided Egypt with 28 scholarships, ranging from three to nine months, in the fields of Italian language, archeology and agriculture.

 Also, the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education provided scholarships for Arabic, Islamic and Coptic studies for 38 Italian students


 The Egyptian –Italian cultural relations also included cooperation in the field of technical education.

 The Don Bosco Institute for Technical Education in Cairo and Alexandria is one of the most successful examples of Egyptian-Italian cooperation in this important field because it provides training and technical education opportunities for Egyptian students who are qualified to work in Technical fields through the study at the Institute, and also allows students graduating from the Institute to enroll in Egyptian or Italian universities in accordance with the text of the agreement to support scientific, cultural and technical cooperation between the two countries.

 At the same time, there is significant cooperation in the music; arts; and literature fields.

 There are many signed agreements between the two countries including;

 Third Strategic Summit on May 19, 2010: 

Executive Protocol on the   Establishment of an Egyptian-Italian University.


 Joint declaration on Establishing   Egyptian-Italian Cooperation for the development of education and scientific research in extension of the Egyptian-Italian Year activities for science and technology. 

Joint Declaration on Boosting the Teaching of Italian Language and culture in Egypt.

 Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of a department for the teaching of the Italian language at Ain Shams University         

Second Strategic Summit on May 12, 2009:


Agreement on the establishment of an Egyptian-Italian university.


Joint Declaration on Promoting Bilateral Cooperation in the field of Education and the Recognition of "diplomas of Leonardo da Vinci School" and putting it into force.

 First Joint Strategic Summit on June 4, 2008:

 Agreement on  the Protection and Restoration of the Cultural Properties.

 Joint Declaration on the   Establishment of   an     Egyptian-Italian University.

   Joint Declaration on considering 2009 a year for scientific and technological cooperation between Egypt and Italy.



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