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Economic Relations

Tuesday، 20 October 2015 12:00 AM

Egypt and Albania are working towards improving economic and trade relations over the coming period; bilateral trade reached 18.4 million Euro in 2009, with 17.64 million Euro worth of good being exported from Egypt to Albania. The most notable Egyptian Exports include vegetables, cement, natural gas, ceramics, carpets and health care products. Albania exported beans, roof tiles, and ceramic tiles.

Contractual framework
The contractual framework includes the following agreements:

  • Cooperation Agreement between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs
  • Agreement on Encouraging Investment.
  • Agreement on Cultural, Technical, and Scientific Cooperation.
  • Agreement on the Establishment of a Joint Committee.
  • Cooperation Protocol in the field of Judiciary
  • Agreement on Exempting Diplomatic, Special and Service Passports From Entry Visas Extradition Agreement
  • Cooperation Agreement on Combating Terrorism
  • Agreement on Avoiding Double Taxation
  • Agreement between the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture and Assyut University
  • Agreement on protection against plant pests
  • Agreement on operating regular flights between Egypt and Albania
  • Cooperation Agreement between the Egyptian Radio and Television Union and Albanian Television
  • Trade Agreement

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