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Cultural Relations

Monday، 16 November 2015 12:00 AM

  • The Egyptian Embassy in Slovenia with the cooperation with the Slovenian Centre for Cultural “Thnkareyev Dom” (the largest cultural center in Slovenia) Egyptian celebration began in February 2008 for 6 months, included a number of cultural and artistic activities for the first time in the history of relations between the two countries, entitled, 'The renaissance of the Pharaohs', included also artistic performances by groups singing religious songs, and folk bands, and a concert of the musician Omar Khayrat, the opening of an exhibition of a number of Ancient Egyptian monuments, gathered from several European museums, which have been visited by thousands visitors during the period of 4 months.
  • During the Egyptian celebration a festival of Egyptian cinema toke place then, introduced 10 Egyptian films lasted for two weeks reviewing the history of Egyptian cinema, began with the film 'Fatma' and “Yacoubian Building”, also “El-Arish Folk dancing Group” presented a performance in the month of June 2008.
  • The embassy set up on June 19, 2009 a reception for a Slovenian primary school students the winners in the competition of "Egypt in the eyes of the world's children" for the 2007 and delivered them the Awards of The competition (10 awards between gold and silver, and certificates of appreciation) the ceremony participated by Dr. Igor Lukšič Minister of Education and Sport of Slovenia, the Advisor of the President of the Republic, a representative of the Slovenian Foreign Ministry, the parents of the students winners and a number of journalists.
  • The representatives of the Slovenian Ethnographic museum visited Egypt during the period from 13 to 18 March 2010 to discuss the details, the logistics of an “exhibition for the Pharaonic amulets” expected to be held in Ljubljana in September 2011 for 4 months with the participation of Egyptian Authority for Antiquities to participate with number of amulets, the exhibition aims to review the communication between the amulets and their uses and purpose in the past and continue to achieve that goal at the present time through a historical review of amulets ancient Egyptian, as well as show a bridge of cooperation between the intellectuals and Egyptian scientists and their counterparts from Slovenes and Europe, who will attend to participate and watch the show, and the suggestion that accompanies the exhibition a lecture for one Egyptologist from Egypt to explain and clarify the idea.
  • Slovenian government called on the composer Omar Khairat and his band to participate in the mass celebration which was held at the end of the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union and 80 years for the opening of the Slovenian radio and 60 in the opening of the Slovenian television.
  • Embassy organized with the Association of Arab in Slovenia cultural “Rosanna” an Arab / Egypt festival opened on June 21, 2010 in the presence of the Minister of State of the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, and presented five Egyptian films, as well as Arab music and art shows, the festival continued in the Slovenian capital until 27 June then moved to two of the largest cities of Slovenia (Maribor and Celia) during the months of July and September 2010.
  • The embassy received, the first time in the history of relations a Quran reciter from the Ministry of Wakf to revive the nights of Ramadan in 2008 among the Muslim community in Slovenia, which left the best effect in the hearts of the community, and continued of receiving another reciter during the months of Ramadan for the following years.
  • One of the imams of the Islamic community in Slovenia attended the a session of the preparation of the imams organized by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, during the period from October to December 2008.
  • Al-Azhar continues to provide the Muslim community in Slovenia with some religious books and religious references in print and online for the library of “Ibn Rushd Islamic cultural center” planned by the Muslim community in Slovenia.

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