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Political Relations

Thursday، 10 December 2015 12:00 AM

In the course of the meetings of the Preparatory Follow-up Committee of the Joint Committee 7th session held on December 5th and 6th, 2009 in Cairo, the bilateral cooperation relations were clear and fix in many areas including counter-terrorism, security cooperation, oil prospecting and others,

In the course of the meetings of the follow-up committee in Cairo to sign the cooperation protocol between the University Medical Centre at POINT G Hospital and its Mansoura counterpart. The protocol is presented by the hospital of the Malian Ministry of Health. The Centre would give the opportunity to the Malian medical cadres to be trained as well as some cases suffering from certain diseases to be treated in the Mansoura centre. The protocol receives great interest as a form of cooperation, expected to achieve a positive impact. The Malian side is aware of the possibility of taking advantage of such cooperation in urging the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa to adopt the idea of establishing a small unit to be the cornerstone for the future establishment of a Kidney transplantation centre in Bamako and be attached to POINT G Hospital where the Fund is assumed bear the expenditure. This project importance lies in being the first of its kind in the West African region, and the Malian side relies heavily on the returns from such unique cooperation amongst the South countries. Such cooperation would make the medical cooperation between Egypt and Mali a perfect model.

The two countries adopt mutual support for candidates of high positions before regional and international forums.

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