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Economic Relations

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Contractual framework

• Cultural Cooperation Accord, signed on April 27th, 1960.
• Declaration of brotherly association between the cities of Alexandria and Valparaiso, signed in Alexandria on December 13th, 1971.
• Commercial Cooperation Accord, signed in Cairo, on December 6th, 1977.
• Tourism Cooperation Accord, signed in Santiago, on October 16th, 1979.
• Accord on Cooperation between the Egyptian Institute of Diplomatic Studies and the Chilean Diplomatic Academy, signed in Cairo, on November 10th, 1983.
• Accord on Mutual Exemption of Diplomatic, Official, Special, and Service visas, signed in Cairo, on November 10th, 1983.
• Accord on Economic Cooperation, signed in Cairo, on October 31st, 1988. Resulted in the formation of the Egyptian-Chilean Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation.
• Establishing a Periodical Consultation Mechanism between the two Foreign Ministries, signed in Santiago, on July 18th, 1995.
• Accord on cooperation between the Egyptian Ministry of Economy and the National Chilean Chamber of Commerce, signed on July 18th, 1995.
• Memorandum of Understanding on agricultural agreement between the Ministries of Agriculture in both countries, signed in Cairo, in 1997.
• Memorandum of Understanding between the Chilean Central Bank and the Central Bank of Egypt on exchanging expertise and information, signed in 1998.

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