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Political Relations

Monday، 01 February 2016 12:00 AM

Egyptian-Mexican political relations are generally peaceful, taking into consideration that there is always a tangible Mexican response towards any Egyptian initiative to foster bilateral ties, and interest to keep special relations, in addition to the Mexican appreciation to the Egyptian pioneering role at the regional and international levels and Egypt's efforts to resume the Middle East peace process.

Views concur to a large extent on the Middle East peace process and the Iranian nuclear file, in addition to the complete Mexican support to the Egyptian stance of rendering the Middle East a nuclear-free region.

Egypt and Mexico are also concurrent on the importance of making Cancun Conference on the Change of Climate scheduled to be held next November, a success.

Concerning the Security Council Reform, the Mexican government holds that reform should be comprehensive, such that the enlarged Council witnesses a more realistic representation, which concords with the emergence of new effective regional powers. It is also necessary to establish a comprehensive and effective international security system, in order to materialize international peace and security.

Egypt's stance from enlarging membership of the G-20 and the O-5 is different from that of Mexico, as Mexico thinks it is up to the interest of the member countries of the two gatherings, which finds no necessity to add more states, albeit the Mexican administration welcomes the continuous consultations between Egypt and the O-5.

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