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Economic Relations

Tuesday، 18 August 2015 12:00 AM

The value of trade between Egypt and Indonesia amounted to 330.4 million US dollars during 2005, achieving an increase of 53.3 % compared with 2004.

The Egyptian exports reached a value of 40 million US dollars and the imports a value of 290.5 million dollars.

During the period Jan / March 2006, the Egyptian exports achieved a record amounting to 17.7 million US dollars compared to 3.5 during the same period of 2005.

The Egyptian imports amounted 66.9 million US dollars compared to 73.8 during the same period of 2005.

The value of trade between Egypt & Indonesia is 84.6 million dollars compared to 77.3 million dollars last year.

The main products exported from Egypt to Indonesia are
- Fertilizer crude,
- Cotton,
- Fruits and nut, fresh or dried
- Fertilizer, manufactured
- Stone,sand and gravel
- Electricity,apparatusfor making and breaking electicity
- Lime,Cements and fabricated construction materials
- Inorganic chemical elements, oxides and halogen salts
- Lead

The main products imported from Indonesia are :
- Textile Yarn
- Fixed vegetable fats and oil solid, crude, refined, fractioned
- Paper and paperboard
- Veneer, plywood, improved or reconstituted wood, worked
- Coffee and coffee substitutes
- Soap, cleancing and polishing preparations
- Thermionic, cold cathode and photo cathode nalves and tubes
- Fish, crustacean, molucs and other aquatic invert, prepared or preserved
- Poliacetals, polycarbon, primary
- Women's coat, jacket, not knitted


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