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Cultural Relations

Monday، 23 November 2015 12:00 AM

The official aspects of the relationship between Egypt and South Korea, cultural cooperation and exchange is of great importance, and in the Egyptian Embassy in Seoul we try to make it a pivotal point of focus, mindful that the Korean public at large has much enthusiasm to learn of and explore the Egyptian culture. By this understanding we maximize participation in all official cultural exchanges hosted in Korea.

It is also worth noting that a recent approval has been granted to establish a Korean cultural center in Cairo to promote its rich culture to the People of Egypt, and perhaps at a later stage, a similar Egyptian specialized center can be opened in Seoul. Until then, the Embassy invites the Korean audience to enjoy the taste of Egyptian culture in the annual events such as the Hi-Seoul, the Seongbok festival, and the Korean Arab Society World Travel Fair.

Furthermore, this year in the Egyptian booth in Yeosu Expo, one of Egypt’s top traditional dance troupes will perform during celebration of the Egyptian National day at the Expo, and all Koreans are welcome to share this moment of celebration and enjoy a taste of Egyptian folklore.

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