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The Israeli aggression on Gaza

Monday، 20 July 2009 12:00 AM

Gaza Strip on 27/12/2008 came under a fierce Israeli attack to be added to the aggressive attacks of the Israeli occupation forces against the blockaded Palestinians in the strip, making use of the inter-Palestinian conflicts and the acts of some Palestinian factions against their citizens.

The strip came under to a brutal Israeli attack by the Israeli F-16 and Apache planes, launching more than 30 rockets in sudden and intensive attacks, synchronizing with Israel’s allegations which say that these areas are the security headquarters of Hamas movement, which are located in populated areas and at the time when the children were going out of schools, the matter that resulted in a massacre in which 230 were killed and more than 700 wounded.

After this brutal Israeli attack, Egypt condemned the Israeli military attacks in a statement issued from the Presidency, accusing Israel of being responsible for the fall of the killed and wounded people.

The statement pointed out that Egypt has warned the Israeli leadership from the repercussions of continuing in its military escalation which will influence the humanitarian conditions of the strip and the Middle East stability.

Egypt’s historical situation concerning the Palestinian cause and its permanent keenness on defending the Palestinians’ rights was so obvious in the decisive stance of the Presidency condemning the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

At the humanitarian level, Egypt hastened to open Rafah crossing to receive the victims of the Israeli attack and present the required medical care for them in the Egyptian hospitals.

The statement confirmed that the failure by the Israeli and the Palestinian sides to respond to the Egyptian efforts during the last period will not prevent Egypt from continuing those efforts, and it will resume its contacts to create the appropriate climate for restoring the truce and implementing consensus between the Palestinian factions to end the suffering of the Palestinians and support their just cause.

For his part, Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul-Gheit severely condemned the Israeli attack on Gaza. Abul-Gheit noted that Israel’s intentions were clear to all and that Egypt was seeking to prevent a military operation from taking place in the Strip.

Notwithstanding, Egypt will pursue its efforts to close Palestinian ranks and cool off the situation with Israel. The immediate goal, however, is to prevent the killing of more Palestinians.

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