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Amr Ibn al'As mosque

This is the first and oldest mosque ever built on the land of Egypt. Erected in 642 AD (21 AH) by Amr Ibn al'As, the commander of the Muslim army that conquered Egypt, the mosque is also known as Taj al-Jawamie (Crown of Mosques, al-Jamie'al-Ateeq (the Ancient Mosque) and Masjid Ahl ar-Rayah (Mosque

Abu Hajjaj Uqsuri Mosque

It is a mosque located in the Egyptian city of Luxor.The mosque itself was built in honor of Sheikh Yusuf Abu’l-Hajjaj.

Mohamed Ali mosque

It is one of the most famous Citadel landmarks. As many believe that the Citadel of Saladin Ayoubi is like Mohammed Ali Pasha Castle of the fame by this mosque. It has been also called Alabaster Mosque as its interior and exterior walls are amazingly coated with alabaster to the height of 11 metres.

Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad Ibn Qala'un Mosque

Nasir Muhammad Mosque has been built from nearly 700 years. It lies amid the Citadel. It was almost running past the southeast corner of the square or the spacious, which was known as the “red spacious”, in the face of the door of the Citadel .It has been encountered on the front.

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