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Economic Relations

Thursday، 20 August 2015 12:00 AM

·       The Comoros benefited  greatly from the Egyptian experiences in the electricity and energy sector through the exchange of technical delegations between the two countries. An Egyptian delegation conducted a survey of electricity networks in the islands to determine the urgent needs to support them. It was agreed to train the Comoran technicians of in
the  Egyptian technical training centres.

·       On 14/2/2005, the Comoros requested to establish a joint venture with Egypt to operate and maintain its electricity network, and to help in reducing the costs of producing electricity and selling prices .

·       On 11/7/2004, the former Minister of  Electricity and Energy  met with the President of the Electricity Corporation of the Republic of the Comoros to establish a joint venture for the
operation and maintenance of the electrical lines and networks in the Comoros.The discussions also dealt with the project, which was implemented by the Central Electricity Distribution Company In the Comoros, with investments of $ 2.5 million to improve the performance of the island's power stations after the damages sustained by floods and hurricanes.

·       Technical committees formed by the Egyptian and  the Comoran sides held several meetings to activate the cooperation between the two countries and the frequent visits of the three islands (the Great Moon - Inguan - Moheli) were highlighted.

.     On 8/12/2005, Egypt participated in the Donors and Economic Growth Conference held in Mauritius, targeting  the economic and social development of the Comoros. The conference also aimed to preserve the Islands’ unity , and to provide full funds 
for development in all fields

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