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Egypt and Mali

Sunday، 16 December 2012 12:00 AM

The relations between Egypt and Mali started in 1960 after Mali's independence. Malian Presidents since then, such as Presidents Modibo Keita, Moussa Traore, and Alpha Oumar Konare, were keen on paying multiple visits to Egypt, Current President Amado Toumani Toure paid two visits to Egypt, in January 2004 and February 2010. Mali is keen on participating with delegations and senior officials from African countries in meetings and regional forum held in Egypt.

The two countries have always been keen on coordination before various international forums and constant consultation on African conflict issues of mutual interest, mainly the Darfur conflict. Their visions are compatible on effectual participation in the peacekeeping operations to maintain African peace and security.

Mali supports Arab issues in general and the Palestinian issue in particular. It is regarded as one of the most African sub-Saharan countries supporting the Palestinians achieve their legitimate and just rights and establish an independent State.

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