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Egypt and Namibia

Sunday، 16 December 2012 12:00 AM

Egypt was a leading country in initiating diplomatic ties with Namibia after its independence in 1990. In April 2008, Namibia sent its first ambassador in Cairo after it established its first diplomatic representation in the Middle East in Cairo in the year 2007.

Egypt had a prominent role in supporting the liberation movement of Namibia (SWAPO) during its struggle against South Africa, Egypt has been supportive of Namibia in international fora, particularly in the United Nations, where Egypt has played a central role in this regard through the Council of the United Nations for Namibia.

Egypt also provided Namibia with moral and financial aid, including training the first battalion during the Namibian struggle against the apartheid regime at the invitation of the late President Gamal Abdel-Nasser. Cairo was the first venue for an office for the Movement SWAPO.

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