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Mutual Visits

Thursday، 17 December 2015 12:00 AM

In May 2010: Liberian Health Minister traveled to Egypt to participate in 3rd meeting for non-aligned movement health ministers.

In April 2010: Director of Kofi Anan Center for Conflict Transformation visited Cairo Regional Center for Peace-Keeping and Conflict Resolution in Africa.

In November 2009: The Liberian President headed a high ranking delegation and participated in the China-Africa Summit in Sharm al-Sheikh, where Her Excellency met President Mubarak on bilateral talks.

In October 2009: Director of Liberian Maritime visited Egypt so participate in maritime conference.

In October 2009: Deputy Development minister visited Egypt representing the President of the Republic of Liberia in the women forum that was part of China-Africa Forum.

In June 2009: The Liberian deputy Education minister, visited Egypt to attend a seminar about Nutrition in schools, organized by the WFP.

In July 2009: The Acting Liberian Foreign Minister headed a Liberian delegation to participate in the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Sharm al-Sheikh.

In June 2009: The Liberian minister of land and mines visited Egypt to attend the 2nd conference for renewable energy IRENA after receiving an invitation from the Egyptian minister of electricity.

In July 2008: The Liberian President and Liberian Foreign Minister headed a delegation to participate in The African Summit in Sharm al-Sheikh.

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