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Economic Relations

Monday، 01 February 2016 12:00 AM

The bilateral trade between both countries is greatly limited due to various hurdles including, but not limited to, the lack of fixed shipping lines or direct flights between the two countries . Nevertheless real opportunities exist to further strengthen commercial, investment and trades relations between both countries, especially in the fields of oil and gas, tourism, and transport (both civil and cargo).

Egypt is among the top places Ecuadorians are eager to visit and more than often represent the dream vacation to most Ecuadorians. There is a considerable flow of religious tourism from  Ecuador to Egypt, mainly in the form of tours of the Holy Lands and the passage of Jesus Christ.

Contractual Framework

  • The establishment of Diplomatic relations between Egypt and Ecuador (08/11/1960)
  • The signing of a cultural, scientific and technical cooperation agreement (13/09/1978)
  • Establishment of a joint Committee (18/01/1983)
  • The Legal framework for the Joint Committee (27/11/1985)
  • Agreement on cooperation in tourism promotion (18/04/1992)
  • Agreement on Cultural promotion (19/04/1992)
  • Agreement on Investment promotion (19/04/1992)
  • Agricultural cooperation in the field of quality production – MOU (26/06/1996)
  • Agreement on cooperation between the Library of Alexandria and the Library of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and integration of Ecuador (May, 2008)
  • Agreement on protection of cultural heritage and artifacts and recuperation of illegally dislocated artifacts (May, 2008)
  • Agreement on exemption of bearers of official and diplomatic passports of both countries from the visa requirement (10/12/2009)
  •  Establishment of a political consultations mechanism between Egypt and Ecuador – MOU (10/12/2009)


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