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Biggest spying case in Egypt's history referred to Criminal Court

Monday، 23 December 2013 12:00 AM

The Prosecutor General ordered the referral of Mohamed Morsi, the member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Guidance Office and ousted President of the Republic, Mohamed Badie, the General Guide of the MB, his deputies Khairat El-Shater and Mahmoud Ezzat, Saad El-Katatni, former speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Al-Beltagui, Essam Al-Erian, Saad Al-Husseini, members of the MB Guidance Office, Refaa Al-Tahtawi, former Chief of the Presidential Cabinet, his deputy Assaad Al-Sheikha, Ahmed Abdel Aati, former director of the President's Office and member of the International Ikhwan Organization and 25 other MB leaders and members of the International Ikhwan Organization to the Criminal Court for crimes of spying with foreign organizations outside Egypt, committing terrorist acts inside the country, disclosing classified defense information to a foreign country and to those working for it, funding terrorism, military training for achieving the objectives of the International Ikhwan Organization and committing acts that infringe upon the independence of the country and its unity and territorial integrity.

The investigations of the General Prosecution revealed that the International Ikhwan Organization has committed acts of violence and terrorism inside Egypt to spread rampant chaos and schemed a terrorist plot that included the alliance of the MB leaders in Egypt with some foreign organizations, i.e. the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), the military arm of the International Ikhwan Organization, Hezbollah, which has close relations with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and other organizations inside and outside the country that embrace extremist Takfiri ideologies. It also masterminded arms smuggling from the western borders through the desert, arranging for MB elements infiltration into Gaza Strip through tunnels with the aid of elements of Hamas for military training by Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard elements on martial arts and the use of weapons. Then, those elements returned back, with other elements from those organizations, and allied with other elements of Takfiri groups in Sinai to put the training they received into action, offer media training for other MB elements through courses outside the country on how to spread rumors and direct public opinion in service of the International Ikhwan Organization, open communication channels with the West through Qatar and Turkey. In addition, the International Ikhwan Organization and some foreign countries have supported the MB leaders in Egypt through transferring the funds required for implementing the criminal plot and spreading chaos in the country. The implementation of that plot started in 2005 and was completed during the January 25th, 2011 Revolution by taking advantage of the incidents that took place. Firearms were used against the security forces and citizens in different areas of the country to spread a state of chaos and harm Egypt's national security, and the security facilities in North Sinai were spotted to prepare for controlling it and declaring it an Islamic emirate if the defendant Mohamed Morsi Al-Ayyat was not declared winner of the presidential elections.

Investigations proved that the defendants Essam Al-Haddad, Ahmed Abdel Aati, Refaa Al-Tahtawi,  Assaad Al-Sheikha and Mohei Hamed have disclosed, during their work at the Presidency of the Republic, many classified reports, that were supposed to be submitted to the President of the Republic, by leaking them to the leaders of the International Ikhwan Organization abroad, commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Hamas and Hezbollah as a reward for carrying out those terrorist operations and the assistance extended by these organizations to the MB in Egypt until it assumed power. A number of those classified reports were leaked via the presidential e-mail and with the knowledge of defendant Mohamed Morsi, former President of the Republic, which put the national security into jeopardy.

In the wake of the ouster of defendant Mohamed Morsi and the change of the political scene, the MB and the aforementioned terrorist elements carried out bombing operations and assaults against the armed forces and the police in Sinai with the purpose of terrorizing the Egyptian people, stirring chaos, infringing upon the independence of the country and its territorial integrity as well as the unity of the people, and foaming sectarian sedition with the aim of igniting civil war in Egypt. By so doing, they intended to bring the ousted president back to office so that the MB would regain its grip on the country.

The General Prosecution interrogated the defendants over these charges and they were faced with the evidences.

Accordingly, the Prosecutor General ordered the referral of the case to Cairo Criminal Court, with 19 defendants remanded in custody pending the case, and the arrest of 17 fugitive defendants to be remanded pending the case.


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