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Egypt and Comoros Islands

Thursday، 20 August 2015 12:00 AM

Egypt always seeks to play a leading role not only in the African continent 
but also in the region to consolidate the  relations between the Egyptian ,  the African and the Arab countries. The bilateral relations between Egypt  and  the Comoros as an African, Islamic and Arab country which joined the Arab League Since 1993, is an integral relation despite its recentness.  Egypt's relations with the Comoros go back to 1976, at the issuance of the Egyptian decision on July 26 to exchange diplomatic representation. However, the relations flourished after the beginning of the new millennium. The two countries have worked to support the common relations, especially on the economic level after joining the COMESA which is one of the pillars of the African Economic Community. In addition, they joined  several international organizations such as the African Union and the International Organization of la Francophonie, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League. Besides that, both  countries seek further cooperation to include various areas.

Mutual Visits



·       On 11/11/2017, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry received the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Comoros, Mohamed El-Amine Souef. The meeting dealt with the overall bilateral relations between the two countries and means to develop them in all fields. During the meeting, Shoukry was handed a letter from the President of the Republic of Comoros to the Egyptian President on  the cooperation between the two countries.


·       On 27/3/2015, the Vice-President of the Republic of

Comoros  Nordini Bourhani visited Egypt

to attend the26th session of the Arab Summit , where he was received by the

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahalb.


·       On 13/3/2015, the President of the Comoros Ikililou Dhoinine visited Egypt to attend the Egypt Economic Development Conference, where the President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi  met him on the sidelines of the conference.


·       On 30/11/2014, President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi met the Special Adviser to the President of Comoros Essa Soli Mammadi who conveyed the greetings and the appreciation of the Comorian President to the President Al SisiaHe   handed over to  him a message from the

President of the Comoros which  tackled ways to promote  cooperation and bilateral

relations between the two countries in various fields. The Special Advisor  expressed the aspiration of his country to open an Egyptian embassy in the Comoros.


·       On 07/06/2014, the Vice-President of the Republic of the Comoros Nordeny Borhani attended the ceremony  of the President-elect Abdel Fattah Al Sisi.


·       on 22/8/2012, the Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr received the Comoros  Foreign Minister Mohammed Bakri bin Abdul Fattah, where Minister Amr affirmed Egypt's keenness to strengthen relations with the Republic of the Comoros, as it is a brotherly country

and  member of the Arab League and linked to  Egypt with strong public and historic

ties. Both Ministers discussed ways of enhancing the cooperation between the two countries; particularly in the field of commerce, education and health.

Egypt welcomed the intention of the Comoros to open a regional trade office in

Cairo to enhance its trade and economic relations with Egypt and the Arab countries.

In addition, they discussed the increase of facilities offered  by Egypt to the Comorian students in the Egyptian universities and institutes, as well as granting facilities for

citizens of the Comoros for treatment in the Egyptian hospitals.


·       On 8/3/2012, the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Hussein Khalid received the Foreign Minister of the Comoros Mohamed Bakri bin Abdul Fattah. He stressed Egypt's keenness to support the cultural and scientific cooperation with Comoros. Also, the two sides discussed means of boosting cooperation between the two countries, and increasing scholarships and

scientific exchange, as well as  benefiting from the joint experiences in the field of higher education. Both parties are in  support for the scientific cooperation between the Egyptian universities and the University of the Comoros. Moreover   the possibility  for establishing a branch of an Egyptian University in the Comoros, and for activating the cooperation agreements between universities in both countries were discussed.


For his part, the Foreign Minister of the

Comoros stressed the keenness of his country to promote and encourage the

bilateral cooperation with Egypt during the next stage.


·       On 16/9/2010, the Egyptian Foreign Minister met the Comoran Minister of External Relations, Cooperation, Diaspora, Francophone, & the Arab World  Fahmi Said Ibrahim el-Maceli. He reviewed the Arab scene, the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, the piracy

issue and the situation in Sudan. Also, he discussed  ways of boosting cooperation between the two countries in the fields of health, education, the technical assistance and the

role of the Egyptian fund in providing technical aids for Africa.  Finally, the executive program   for the protocol on   cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

was signed.


·       In September 2007, the Comorian President Ahmad Abdallah

Mohammad Sambi started his first presidential round with a visit to Egypt.

During talks with the former President Hosni Mubarak, he called upon Egypt to  protect the unity of the Comoros against Anjouan Island separatists. The Former President Mubarak asserted Egypt’s support of Comorian sovereignty and the territorial integrity; highlighting the stances adopted by the Arab League and the African Union against separatist



From 11 – 13 November 2005, a Comoran delegation visited Egypt, where the delegation met with the two former Ministers of foreign affairs and the finance. Their  Discussions focused on numerous regional,Arabic and African  issues of mutual interest for the two sides .

Economic Relations

·       The Comoros benefited  greatly from the Egyptian experiences in the electricity and energy sector through the exchange of technical delegations between the two countries. An Egyptian delegation conducted a survey of electricity networks in the islands to determine the urgent needs to support them. It was agreed to train the Comoran technicians of in

the  Egyptian technical training centres.


·       On 14/2/2005, the Comoros requested to establish a joint venture with Egypt to operate and maintain its electricity network, and to help in reducing the costs of producing electricity and selling prices .


·       On 11/7/2004, the former Minister of  Electricity and Energy  met with the President of the Electricity Corporation of the Republic of the Comoros to establish a joint venture for the

operation and maintenance of the electrical lines and networks in the Comoros.The discussions also dealt with the project, which was implemented by the Central Electricity Distribution Company In the Comoros, with investments of $ 2.5 million to improve the performance of the island's power stations after the damages sustained by floods and hurricanes.


·       Technical committees formed by the Egyptian and  the Comoran sides held several meetings to activate the cooperation between the two countries and the frequent visits of the three islands (the Great Moon - Inguan - Moheli) were highlighted.


.     On 8/12/2005, Egypt participated in the Donors and Economic Growth Conference held in Mauritius, targeting the economic and social development of the Comoros. The conference also aimed to preserve the Islands’ unity, and to provide full funds for development in all fields .

Cultural Relations

·       On 3/3/2013, the Comoros participated in the Egyptian-African Nubian Festival.

·       In September 2010, the former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Hany Hilal met the  Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Comoros Dr. Gamal El-Din Aftran. They discussed ways of boosting cooperation between the two countries in the field of higher education. In addition, The Ministry of Higher Education expressed its readiness to provide the necessary expertise in the field of education increasing the grants and  scholarships offered for  international students from the Comoros, deploying the Egyptian professors to work  in Comor’s university and supplying them with scientific books and periodicals.

·       On 14/6/2008, an Egyptian medical convoy headed for a humanitarian mission to look after the eyes of the Comorans. Also, about  500 surgeries were conducted  in cooperation  with the International Islamic Relief Organization of the Islamic World League in Makkah.

Military Relations

• Egypt sent a three-member detail to the OAU Observer Mission in the Comoros from 1997 to 1999.





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