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Monday، 20 July 2009 12:00 AM

Since the old times, beautiful flowers were growing in Egypt, thanks to its favorable climate. Several flower inscriptions appear on the Pharaonic monuments, which indicate ancient Egyptians’ interest in planting and growing unique kinds of flowers.

Most important of them are:

Egyptian Flower

This is the most beautiful flower of red and violet colors. It is well-known as the Queen of the Flowers for its unmatched beauty and fragrance.


Lotus Flower

The ancient Egyptian army used to have this flower on its flags. Lotus is a wild plant with a tall stem, about 15-30 cm, and numerous branches that carry bright yellow flowers, with some red spots. Lotus flower has a coloring substance used as a sedative and anti-spastic, not to mention its ability to heal inflammations. 

Lotus flower, according to ancient Egyptian myths, symbolized innocent childhood. It grows in the vast ponds in El-Fayyoum and the quiet-water areas at the foot of desert hills. The blue lotus was considered the best of all, and was even brighter than white ones. 

Violet Flower 

Violet grows like small grass. It is used for decoration with its disc leaves and violet or white flowers. The flowers have strong fragrance, especially in the early morning, when it is better to be collected.


Narcissus Flower

The leaves of narcissus are pentagonal or hexagonal in shape. They are also straight and crowned with a couple of big flowers. These flowers are better to be collected in the early morning to preserve its strong fragrance.

Camellia Flower

Camellia is a shade tree plant with its flowers blossoming in winter and spring. Camellia flowers are rosy, red or white. It is planted during the period from September to February.

Willow Flower

Willow is a big tree that grows on the sides of lakes and drainage canals. It grows to some 25 m tall. Its branches are mid-flat and the leaves are dark green and covered with white fur. Willow flowers are mostly white and some are yellow, they are used for decoration.

Belladonna Flower

Belladonna is a wild grass that grows in hot and temperate climate. Its roots are thick, its stem straight and leaves oval and oily. Its flowers are red bell-like and its fruits are initially green then the color turns into red then black. The fruits are toxic and used only for producing seeds.

Henna Flower

Henna is a tree with red roots and furry branches. Its small leaves are bright green. The leaves and flowers are used for hair coloring, curing and strengthening.

Chick-Pea Flower

Chick-pea is mostly planted in Upper Egypt. It is a grass plant 30 to 50 cm tall. It has reddish and whitish flowers. Its fruits are oval and have a good taste and health benefits.

Sun Flower 

Sun flower has a long stem, about 2 m tall. Sun flower is solar disc-like. It opens with the first sun light and moves with the sun till it sets. It is loved by the Egyptians and sacred by the Indians.

Cactus Flower

Cactus flower is a big yellow one. Cactus itself is full of chlorophyll and grows to 2-5 m tall. Its flowers contain sugary substances and its fruits are very useful.

Lily Flowers

The white lily is a 60-100 cm tall plant. It has fragrant big flowers of blue and yellow, and some are white with red touches.

Papyrus Flower

Papyrus grows in the Nile Delta ponds. Its roots go deep in the mud and stems go tall carrying the famous flower. Papyrus is used in making paper for writing. Papyrus is an evergreen plant whose flowers were presented to gods in the Pharaonic temples.


Pomegranate Flower

Pomegranate tree is 3-5 m tall. Its flower consists of crimson pentagonal petals. It produces big ball-like fruits, which grows green then red when ripe. Pomegranate tree used to be planted originally in ancient Egypt and Persia.


Carnation Flower

Carnation is a famous plant that grows in hot countries. It is a long-lasting plant with small octagonal petal flowers. It is used in tooth pain-relievers.

Bitter Orange Flower

It has white flowers. Bitter orange peel is used in making jam. Its tree is a fruitful evergreen one with an aromatic fragrance.

Strawberry and Mulberry Flower

Strawberry is a creeping grassy and long-life plant. Its bright green leaves touches hard. It has numerous flowers and medium to large size fruits that tend to be oval or conical. It is useful in increasing urine and purifying blood.

On the other hand, mulberry is a wild tree that grows up to 8-15 m tall. Its leaves touch hard and are used to feed silk worms. It has delicious fruits.

Mint Flower

Mint is a wild grass plant with a hollow stem of 10-30 cm tall. It has small leaves and strong fragrance green flowers.



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