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Cairo (ICT) Conferences

Saturday، 04 June 2011 12:00 AM

Cairo International Conference & Exhibition of Communication and Information (Cairo ICT) is one the most important event of its kind in the region because it is considered a forum for many of the leaders of the industry both locally and globally, in addition it is the oldest specialized event in the information technology and communications in North Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.

This exhibition was held for the first time in 1996 to be the starting point for many important initiatives in the Egyptian and Arab information technology and communication as well as a forum to discuss key issues related to technology.

It is worthy mentioning that the exhibition is a window to represent the latest products and solutions in the fields of information technology and communication including networking, computing, broadcasting systems, and satellites. Cairo ICT had received more than 97 thousand visitors in 2006.

Over the past 10 years, the exhibition has attracted more than 500 thousand professional visitors from more than 4500 companies of Egyptian, Arab and multinational companies. The exhibition aims to meet the needs of business, investment and other sectors. It also includes a huge area for marketing called the “Commercial Market”.

Cairo ICT 2015 Conference

Cairo ICT 2015 Conference program presents a mix of plenary and parallel sessions around well-defined topics.

It aims to bring the emerging facts and issues of the ICT industry on different level, with a number of high-level panellists from key organizations.

The slogan on this year conference is “GO SMART !” as it drives the main line of thought.

The main topics –to date – include:

·  The Internet of things – from research to the industry

·  Smart Machines –The IT Disruption

·  Web-Scale IT & DevOps

·  Hybrid Cloud and the new CIO role

·  Cloud/Client Architecture evolution

·  The future of Personal Cloud

·  3-D Printing – fostering the trend

·  Risk-Based Security and Protection

·  Egypt Electronic Industry – Growth and Development

·  Empowering MSMEs in Egypt through ICT

·  Technology innovation & People with disabilities

·  Mobile Device Diversity and Management

·  Mobile Apps and Applications

·  Telecom Operators in Egypt : Are you Happy?

·  Digital Government – The new Citizen Centric approach

·  Smart Cities for better opportunities

·  Youth and Innovation Challenges

·  Consumer Rights – from product to service

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